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Come join us for some energizing professional development with Michael Serra.  Michael offers both a Workshop format and an Institute format.  Michael specializes in activities for geo  metry teachers.   

Past Geometry Workshop Titles


  • Cooperative Learning
  • Discovery Learning in Geometry
  • Investigations in Geometry
  • Patty Paper Geometry
  • Visual Thinking in Geometry
  • Proof in Geometry
  • Using Games and Puzzles to Enhance Your Geometry Curriculum
  • Designing, Creating, and Managing Geometry Projects
  • Sketchpad and Geometry
  • Effective Uses of Technology in a Geometry Classroom

Although best known for his work in geometry, including his award winning and revolutionary text, Discovering Geometry, Michael also offers a range of PD topics in K-12 mathematics including:


  • Hands-On Investigations in your Math Class
  • Visual Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Games and Puzzles for Mathematical Reasoning
  • Hands-On Algebra,
  • Techniques and Strategies to Make Proof More Successful. 

Topics are customized for your situation during the initial consultation. For more information please contact us at [email protected].