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Professional Development Services- FAQ


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Michael's professional development services. If you are interested in a free consultation, please contact us at: [email protected]

What are some of the topics Michael offers?
Michael offers a wide range of topics which include: Cooperative Learning, Hands on Geometry, Investigations in Geometry, Games and Puzzles for Mathematical Reasoning, Algebra Activities, Techniques and Strategy to Make Proof More Successful, and Use of Technology in a Mathematics Classroom. Topics can be customized to your current interests and situation during the initial consultation.

What is the difference between a Workshop and an Institute?
Workshops are generally one to three hours on one topic and include a question and answer period. Institutes are full day sessions which give a greater opportunity for more hands on experience with a variety of activities. Institutes are divided into morning and afternoon sessions with a lunch break. Sessions have a break midway and can be a stand alone topic or a continuation of the earlier session's topic.

What are my responsibilities as the client?
In order to have the presentations run as smoothly as possible, the clients share in some responsibilities. Clients are responsible for securing the site and setting up any audio visual equipment needed for the presentations. If handouts are used, you are responsible for making copies for the teachers. Prompt payment is also a key responsibility for clients.

How are fees calculated?
Fees are based on the following variables: length of time, number of visits, special equipment and materials, and amount of travel involved. There is no minimum participant requirement (Michael has developed PD in the past for a one-on-one format as well as for participants numbering in the hundreds).  Pricing format can either include travel, meals, and accommodation expenses or they can be charged separately.

Check Michael's calendar and see if he is speaking at a conference or institute in your area. In general, we book our travel arrangements at least two months in advance. If possible, we will try and combine travel with other clients in your area which will reduce your costs.  

Can individual teachers book your services?
We have had situations where an individual teacher wants a comprehensive workshop on Discovering Geometry. In this case, we can either travel to your city or you can attend a workshop in San Francisco.