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Discovering Geometry



Fifth Edition © 2015  

By Michael Serra

Discovering Geometry encourages students to inquire about concepts and ideas and provides the opportunity to experiment, analyze, and justify their ideas as they explore principles of geometry. Written to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Discovering Geometry creates learning trajectories that match the progression of mathematics content from middle school to high school. 

Get Point of Use Access to the Standards

To provide a more useful correlation to the CCSS, Discovering Geometry lessons differentiate the mathematical standards.

  • Applied refers to standards that were covered in previous courses and lessons. 
  • Developed identifies the standards that are most closely aligned to the learning objectives within the lessons. 

  • Introduced standards are those for which conceptual groundwork is being laid and will be covered in greater depth in future lessons. 

Michael Serra's extensive classroom experience helped him shape a new approach to teaching geometry. Now in its fifth edition, Discovering Geometry has been revised to provide the comprehensive coverage of transformational geometry with a focus on both synthetic and analytic geometry now required. The instructional design of Discovering Geometry has proven effective in countless classrooms across the country. The book’s combination of research-based pedagogy and rigorous content will help you cultivate a classroom of self-motivated, independent thinkers who have the skills necessary to succeed on today’s assessments and careers in the 21st century. 

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