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DG4-4.4.2 Is SAS a Congruence Shortcut? (Free Sample) from Michael Serra on Vimeo.

Introducing the Discovering Geometry® Video subscription which is designed to be used along with the critically acclaimed textbook, Discovering Geometry. Teachers using Patty Paper® Geometry would also find them useful. Investigations are demonstrated by Michael with open ended conjectures for the student to complete. The Discovering Geometry® Video subscription can be used as a tutorial for new and substitute teachers, and for students who are home schooled or doing independent learning. Great for using along with the textbook, especially in the "flipped classroom" environment. Check out the Discovering Geometry® Video Series free sample and trailer here!

The Discovering Geometry® Video subscription is available through Vimeo On Demand. Parents and guardians please read the Vimeo Terms of Service and monitor your children's activities on Vimeo as some Vimeo content is not appropriate for all ages. There is free registration and then you can subscribe directly by clicking the Chapter photos below. The video subscription starts with chapter 3 and ends with chapter 11. Chapter prices are based on length of videos. Each chapter subscription is good for one year. There is one trailer for all the videos. The videos can be used with DG 4th edition or DG 5th edition. Download DG4 to DG5 Chapter GuidePlease contact us if you have any questions or problems.

Chap.3 Tools.000018638153Medium Chap.4 Triangle Prop.3896631_thumbnail
Chapter 3 Tools of Geometry Chapter 4 Triangle Properties
Chap.5 Polygon Properties.000006056196Medium Chap.6 Circles.000022894097XSmall
Chapter 5 Polygon Properties Chapter 6 Circle Properties
Chap.7 Transformations Tessalations.000005140522XSmall Chap.8 Area.000006266767XSmall
Chapter 7 Transformations and Tessellations Chapter 8 Area
Chap.9 Pythagorem.000022184732XSmall Chap.10 Volume.000013857719Medium
Chapter 9 Pythagorean Theorem Chapter 10 Volume
Chap.11 Similiarity.000019318637_ExtraSmall  
Chapter 11 Similiarity