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Discovering Geometry Resources

With digital eBooks and teacher resources, you can access electronic versions of your textbook and teaching materials. You can also give your students access to their online textbooks, which contain all the content of the printed textbooks with additional features to enrich their learning experience.

This service is available to schools at no additional cost upon adoption.

The following books are available in Digital eBooks and Teacher Resources.


Download Discovering_Geometry_Fifth_Edition_ Product_Sheet


Fourth Edition



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Can I purchase or rent an online version of the book?

Hi Regina,

I'll forward your request to the Kendall Hunt sales team.


I can not get access to the text book anymore. Is the site down now?

Hi Matthew,
Sorry for the delay. No, Kendall Hunt stills offers access on their website so contact them. DG5 just launched and will be available to sample at NCTM in Boston.

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