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Developing Mathematical Reasoning with Games and Puzzles Series


Thank you to everyone who contacted us about our Developing Mathematical Reasoning with Games and Puzzles series. We are very excited to introduce the first book, Smart Moves.  It was developed from my elementary, high school, and university classroom experiences. Smart Moves will interest people of all ages from middle and high school students to seniors interested in keeping "brain fit". I sincerely hope you enjoy the experience!

    SM.Front coverFinal

•    SMART MOVES - Sequential Reasoning

Target Audience:
•    5 -12 public and private school teachers
•    High school and middle school math teachers
•    Intergenerational activities for grandparents, parents, and children
•    Home schools, gifted students
•    Puzzle enthusiasts  
•    Post 50 baby-boomers seeking brain exercises

Why our game/puzzle books are unique

Most puzzle books are simply a collection of games and puzzles.  Our series shows the connection between certain games and puzzles and mathematical thinking. Mathematical thinking requires reasoning skills which are useful in everyday life. Studies have shown that people learn better when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves.  Experienced teachers are aware of this fact and incorporate game-based learning into their lesson plan to increase motivation and promote retention. The series presents a unique opportunity for participants to have fun while developing important sequential reasoning skills.

Below is a puzzle from a future book in the series.

Download Bagels Puzzle (PDF)

Download Bagels Puzzle Answer (PDF)