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Michael has been teaching math for over 40 years. He was a high school math teacher for San Francisco Unified School District from 1969 - 2001. During his teaching career Michael wrote his own curriculum to teach geometry using familiar objects like patty paper, tennis ball cans, and string. This classroom material eventually became the innovative textbook "Discovering Geometry". In addition to "Discovering Geometry", he has published "Patty Paper Geometry", the "Mathercise Series", and "What’s Wrong with This Picture?". In 2009, he partnered with his wife Angie and they started their own publishing company. Their latest series, Developing Mathematical Reasoning with Games and Puzzles includes "Smart Moves" and "Pirate Math". He also writes for various math newsletters and makes videos about teaching math.

Michael continues to serve as a master teacher and mentor to other teachers. He officially retired from teaching high school in 2001 and now does professional development workshops with school districts and math conferences throughout the world. He visits weekly at a San Francisco elementary school. Michael often says working with the fifth grade class is the “highlight of his week.”

Professional Organizations and Awards

- former President of the San Francisco Mathematics Teachers Association (SFMTA)
- former Editor of the SFMTA newsletter
- California Finalist Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching (1997)
- San Francisco Math Teacher of the Year (1996)

Partial List of Past Projects and Clients

- Speaker at NCTM conferences (1991-present)
- Mathematics and Science Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica (2002, 2006)
- AMESA Conference, Durban, South Africa (June 2002)
- Australian Math Teachers Association (May 2002)
- Tasmanian public schools in Hobart, Tasmania (May 2002)
- International Schools in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, China (2004)
- California Department of Education
- Consortium Mathematics Project
- Department of Defense Schools
- Math For America
- DG Adoptions: Miami Dade School District, etc.


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