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Discovering Geometry Intro

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Discovering Geometry began in my classroom over 35 years ago. During my first ten years of teaching I did not use a textbook, but created my own daily lesson plans and classroom management system. I believe students learn with a greater depth of understanding when they are actively engaged in the process of discovering concepts and we should delay the introduction of proof in geometry until students are ready. Until Discovering Geometry, no textbook followed this philosophy.

I was also involved in a Research In Industry grant where I repeatedly heard that the skills valued in all working environments were the ability to express ideas verbally and in writing, and the ability to work as part of a team. I wanted my students to be engaged daily in doing mathematics and exchanging ideas in small cooperative groups.

The Discovering Geometry textbook package, published by Kendall Hunt, includes the student textbook and online and teacher resources. Check out DG FAQ. 

The Discovering Geometry® Video Series published by Playing It Smart, enhance my vision of the ideal geometry class and are available in english and in spanish.  I send my heartfelt appreciation to the many teachers who contributed their feedback during classroom use. Their students and future students will help continue the evolution of Discovering Geometry

Contact us if you have any questions about video and professional development services.

The fifth edition of the Discovering Geometry textbook includes new hands-on investigations, and was written to the CommonCore_Correlation_DG5_January2015_tp 

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